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Description of Planit: Photo Planner
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  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
  • Planit: Photo Planner
Description of Planit: Photo Planner (from google play)

In this free version, the Ephemeris feature is provided as an in-app purchase. After the purchase, it will be the same as the paid PlanIt Pro. Some screenshots listed here have Ephemeris features enabled. The free version can actually do a lot of things than you thought. It is a plan/marker file reader, a focal length estimator on the map, a DoF and panorama calculator and can even preview the aerial view for your drone. The Ephemeris feature is so highly integrated that it is hard for us to provide some of them in the free version and ask you to pay for the rest. You can see how many users give us a one-star rating simply because we didn't provide a trial. I think that's not fair. But as we said, although we didn't provide a trial, please feel free to purchase to try it. We can refund you at any time if you don't like it.

Please email info@planitphoto.com for bug reports or feature requests. Please also remember to visit https://youtu.be/JFpSi1u0-is for more video tutorials. Each video only lasts a few minutes but you will sure learn a lot from them. You can also reach us through Instagram or Facebook. Links are under the menu inside the app.

This is a special call to landscape photographers, travel photographers, nature photographers and those who are interested in night photography, city photography, time-lapse, star-trails, milky way or astro-photography: look no more, this is the ultimate app for you - the Planit Pro. It only costs you a cup of Frappuccino but will save you tons of time and effort and a lot of gas money. Most importantly, it will make you enjoying landscape photography even more.

Ansel Adams dedicates the beginning of his first book "Taos Pueblo" to visualization. He introduced the idea of "previsualization", which involved the photographer imagining what he wanted his final print to look like before he even took the shot. Of course, there are many great photos which were taken impromptu. However, for landscape photographers, being able to previsualize the scene before going there will greatly reduce the chance of being caught unprepared and will greatly increase the chance of getting better shots.

Photographers use various tools to help them pre-visualizing the scene. Nowadays, many of those tools are phone apps. Planit Pro is an all-in-one solution that is designed to leverage the map and simulated viewfinder technologies to provide the necessary tools for photographers to pre-visualize the scene in combination with the ground subjects and the celestial objects such as the Sun, the Moon, Stars, Star-trails and Milky Way.

In the Planit Pro app, we packed it with features - from location scouting such as GPS coordinates, elevations, distance, elevation gain, clear view, focal length, depth of field (DoF), hyperfocal distance, panorama and aerial photography, to the Ephemeris features such as the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset time and direction, twilight time, special hours of the day, sun/moon finder, major stars, constellations, nebulae azimuth and elevation angle, star trail planning, time-lapse calculation and simulation, sequence calculation and simulation, milky way searching, solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, exposure/ND filter calculator, light meter, rainbow position prediction, tide height and tide search etc. All the information are either represented on the map as an overlay or visually presented in simulated viewfinders (VR, AR, picture, or street view), just like you look through your camera's viewfinder. Whatever you want for your landscape photography, it is there in the Planit Pro.

Landscape photography is an adventure in the nature world. We understand sometimes there won't be any network connection when you are out exploring. Planit Pro was designed for have it in mind. If you preload the offline elevation files and the offline mbtiles maps, you can use the app fully offline without the need for network connections.

Version history Planit: Photo Planner
New in Planit 10.5.3
Added Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks.
VIIRS 2023 dark sky lay.
Fixed celestial objects jumps in the VR when dragging the time slider.
New in Planit 10.4.18
We will resend the verification email if the account is not yet verified when the user tries to login or reset password.
Only show the past task markers within a year on the map.
Added a setting button on the top left of the map, tap to open map category settings, press and hold to open all settings.
Added a show/hide markers added by you setting which allows you to hide all the markers so that the map content is fully visible.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 10.4.17
Show a center at scene button on the viewfinder if needed which can be used to quickly get back to the main subject.
Added a more smooth sling effect to the calendar slider on the bottom.
Added VIIRS2022 dark sky layer.
Fixed the display issue on the elevation profile sheet and hard to tap the close button issue.
New in Planit 10.4.16
Adjusted the display of sunrise/sunset/moonrise/moonset lines to text to make it easier for beginners to understand the meaning of those lines, can be changed back under Settings - Ephemeris - Rise and set directions on the map.
Displays the actual date under the time values if needed instead of +1day which has ambiguity.
Fixed a bug where the picture cannot be loaded in the picture VR and picture exposure feature.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 10.4.13
Fixed the sun and moon position are not touching each other for a partial solar eclipse.
Show the elevation profile chart on bottom for the distance and view tool, the light condition page and the polyline markers.
Tap the top right menu button for a selected polyline marker (can be imported from a kml trail file) to show the elevation profile of the trail.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 10.4.12
Added 4x4+diagonal grid line in viewfinder as some Sony cameras have this grid line type as Diag + Square Grid.
Fixed the VR display issue when the elevation angle is high (such as eclipse where the Sun or the Moon position seem wrong when they should touch each other).
Added a comet C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinshan-ATLAS), possible to be very bright next year.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 10.4.10
Added a new comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF).
Press and hold on an azimuth value at the second time will rotate the map, can be used to find out the exact direction when shooting.
Added a clear button on the Sun/Moon Finder page to clear the azimuth and the elevation angle range to reset the green area in the viewfinder.
Fixed some crashes in the alignment search.
New in Planit 10.4.9
Support press and hold on aperture and focal length to change them using slider.
Changing the distance and azimuth can choose to adjust the camera location or the scene location.
Fixed the information from the location explorer pages are not saved to the plan file when sharing.
Fixed unexpected log out issue.
New in Planit 10.4.7
Changing the unit in the camera height etc dialogs will change the unit settings.
Added 1.4x extender to focal length chooser.
Fixed the elevation gain calculation does not consider the camera height from a camera location marker.
Fixed an error when changing the distance in the distance and view tool.
Fixed a display error of the task date.
New in Planit 10.4.4
Supports scaling the model by width and height independently when importing or editing the model.
Supports oval base for cy, co and cf.
Dof tool now supports focusing on infinity.
Press and hold on the cloud that blocks the Sun/Moon/MWC will copy the coordinates so that you can paste it to a cloud map app to check the cloud at that location.
Refresh the shadow display by seconds.
New in Planit 10.4.2
In the offline download mode, you can select a marker with polygon or polyline (only available if you subscribe to the 3D model feature), then press and hold on the download button on the offline map download sheet to batch add offline maps to the queue.
New in Planit 10.2.4
If you open a plan without any tasks, you can use the save as button under the rename plan dialog to save the new change after opening the plan as a new plan so that the existing plan is not changed.
Added an option under Settings - Map to disable the long press to drag the marker to avoid accidentally change the marker position.
Fix a crash in some dates when showing the yallop value .
Fixed the back button not working for the picture VR.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 10.2.3
Fixed the description for the yallop criteria is not correct.
Fixed a license checking issue for the Planit free version.
Show the panorama result in red if cannot meet the rotation increment.
Fixed a bug that the old picture metadata was not loaded in the picture VR.
You can long press the target height on the ephemeris page to adjust the height using a slider.
New in Planit 10.2.0
Fixed the focal length precision and the wrong ephemeris page issues when sharing the plan between iOS and Android.
Introduced the obj extension version 2 to simplify the grammar where the starting vertex of each shape is defaulted to the default origin vertex or the vertex defined in the immediately preceding line so there is no need to write the vertex index for each shape, see the edit model page for more details.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 10.1.7
You can tap the + button then "Browse Nearby Shared Markers" button to see the list of available shared markers without subscribing the 3d model feature.
Considering the scene location when determining how far the markers and terrain should be shown.
Set the default filter distance to All for the plan list and the marker list as people got confused for the first time when they don't see all the plans and markers.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 10.1.6
Improved the sync data (such as plans and markers) feature under the profile page.
Fixed a crash when starting the app for a small number of users.
Many bug fixes.
New in Planit 10.1.4
Encourage our users to publish markers by extending the 3D model expiration date.
If you published the markers before, you will see the points awarded on "My purchases" page.
Several bug fixes.
New in Planit 10.1.3
Added a new scale width option to the import model dialog.
Fixed a bug in the algorithm that determines whether a location is inside the camera location marker's polygon.
New in Planit 10.1.2
Added a check box on the marker info window to allow the server marker to be hidden in the viewfinder.
Fixed a bug in the previous release that deleting a task will delete other tasks.
Fixed the swap YZ option not working correctly when importing a model.
New in Planit 10.1.1
Redesigned the profile page by adding the My purchases button and two separate buttons for the plans and the markers sync respectively.
Fixed Mapbox not working issue in the last version.
New in Planit 10.1.0
Added naming suggestions to the plan/task name dialog.
Added a new comet - C/2021 A1 Leonard - which will be bright enough to be seen with the naked eyes end of this year.
New in Planit 10.0.9
Added naming suggestions to the plan/task name dialog.
Added a new comet - C/2021 A1 Leonard - which will be bright enough to be seen with the naked eyes end of this year.
New in Planit 10.0.8
Fixed the viewfinder aspect ratio setting also changed the content by mistake.
Fixed copy marker doesn't work for some fields.
Some bug fixes.
New in Planit 10.0.7
Merge similar undoes that happened in a short period of time.
Fixed bugs related to the ephemeris pages.
New in Planit 10.0.4
You can now hide the ephemeris pages that are not often used by clicking on the button on the right side of the ephemeris tabs and press and hold to hide the pages.
Fixed a bug that the bottom half of the register screen is covered.
New in Planit 10.0.2
Changed the exposure value chooser page to a full screen page with the filtering support, easier to look up.
Added a reset action to Settings - General so that you can reset all your personal settings to start over in case you messed up the settings while learning the app.
New in Planit 10.0.0
Fixed the known exposure value list is not scrolled to the selected value when showing.
When filtering the plan by date, considering the tasks under each plan.
New in Planit 10.0.0-ea7
Fixed the filter area not visible bug in the tide search page.
Fixed the lat and lon shifting bug in Hong Kong.
Fixed crashes on startup only on some phones.
Reduced the text size of the elevation angle and the azimuth so that the VR viewfinder gets larger a little bit.
Moved the default backup folder to Android/media as the new Android version doesn't allow the access to the Android/data folder.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 10.0.0-ea4
The tag list page supports hiding some tags, all markers having those hidden tags will not show up on the map or in the viewfinder.
Added menus to merge several plans into one and rename a plan when pressing and hold on the plan under the Plan List page.
Added menus to move tasks out as plans and rename a task when pressing and hold on the task under the Task List page.
Added Tasks menu item under Plans in the main menu.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 10.0.0-ea3
Introduced a new "Task" concept to the plan which will allow you to keep multiple tasks in the same plan.
Each task is like a mini-plan and the buttons to add a new task or to open the task list are under the "+" button.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 9.10.7
Added a back to map button in the viewfinder modes, press and hold on the mode button will also go back to map.
Adjust the algorithm to fix some bugs and improve performance.
Fixed a bug on the exposure page when exposure compensation is shown.
Support showing the marker name on the map.
Fixed the sun or moon track jumps near the horizon.
Menu - Version History has complete change logs.
New in Planit 9.10.6
Fixed the twilight wrong bug in some areas.
Added long press the choice buttons to set the start and the end time on the timelapse and sequence pages.
Fixed a bug that the sun/moon finder page will change the time.
Tap the year and month title on the calendar page to set the month and year.
New in Planit 9.10.5
Long press on the + button to add a marker and paste the content if it was copied earlier.
Long press on the viewfinder button to start VR viewfinder which is the most used viewfinder.
Tap on the shadow value on the Light and Shadow page to show and hide shadows of the buildings.
Supports editing of multiple markers.
New in Planit 9.10.3
Fixed the elevation angle limitation in AR.
Fixed several elevation related bugs in VR.
Fixed writing storage issue in the last release.
New in Planit 9.10.1
Still draw the comet and other stars even in the star-trails mode to avoid the confusion.
Only draw the selected comet in the VR if Settings - Show comets is not turned on.
Fixed an issue that the camera height cannot be saved.
New in Planit 9.9.11
Added version history under the Menu.
Allow the temporary red marker for the selected location to be dragged.
Fixed a bug that the eclipse overlay is not shown if one of the google tile map layers is used.
New in Planit 9.9.8
Added World Atlas 2015 and VIIRS layers to Dark Sky
Updated solar eclipse kml files
Fixed exception showing the video tutorial for VR
Change xxx to 1/xxx" for shutter speed to avoid confusion
When choosing overlap percentage, added recommendation percentage for the day-time and night-time panoramas
Fixed the wrong distance values in the elevation gain page
Set the date as well when long pressing on the eclipse times to set the time-lapse and sequence starting and ending time
New in Planit 9.9.7
Improved the Russian translation. Thank Sergey Louks for spending a lot of time reviewing the translation.
A lot of fixes related to different languages.
Fixed the first day in week setting is not respected in this week choice of Finder.
Reversed the elevation angle and azimuth in the focal length tool so that it is consistent with other places.
Fixed an issue where the sun and moon sequence is not shown in AR.
New in Planit 9.9.6
Added 13 more languages. We will use English way to format all the numbers to be consistent
Adjusted the animation speed based on the viewfinder focal length when clicking on the Play button
Adjusted the elevation range to [-90, 90] in the Sun/Moon Finder
Added Bing search option. It needs the same Bing map key, shared by the Bing elevation service
Fixed the timezone when loading a picture with EXIF
Extended the year range to from [1, 9999]
Show the azimuth values in the date time slider
New in Planit 9.9.4
Reorganized the settings screen, remove some uncommon ones, changed some order.
Added a furthest distance setting to allow user set how far the ground contour is drawn.
Fixed some bugs introduced by the last realistic milky way change.
New in Planit 9.9.1
Changed the Light and Shadow page to use the camera location to calculate the ephemeris information, except the light elevation and the light condition which will still use the scene location to calculate as before.
Adjusted the sun and moon track display to false by default.
Fixed the viewfinder ground layer not showing when the focal length is long.
Fixed timezone errors for Easter Island and southern Spain.
New in Planit 9.9.0
Added the undo/redo feature, the two buttons are under the “+” action button on the bottom right.
Other bug fixes.
New in Planit 9.8.16
Improved the accuracy of the compass for phones with better sensors.
New in Planit 9.8.14
Drew an extra hour of moon track in the viewfinder to avoid confusion.
Added Start of the week to the settings and is used in the Calendar feature.
Do not set the time to the picture taken time when loading the picture for the picture viewfinder if the picture settings had been saved.
New in Planit 9.8.11
Fixed some unstable issues in the previous release
New in Planit 9.8.10
Updated to the latest version of AMap
Support caching for the tile map
New in Planit 9.8.6
Adjust the timezone error in some regions. The timezone hour offset value could be in white or yellow color. If white, you can pretty much trust its value. If yellow, it means your camera is at a location near a timezone change, so please check the actual timezone to make sure it is correct and adjust whatever sunset etc. time the app tells you accordingly.
Fixed ephemeris page title is wrong.
Updated to support Android Q.
Fixed random copyright verification failures.
New in Planit 9.8.4
Added height context button on the bottom when the camera or the cane pins are selected.
Drew circles for the hyperfocal distance, the focus distance etc. on the depth of field map overlay.
Fixed no offline elevation for the southern Iceland area.
Limited the offline elevation file folder to only be /PFT/hgt for the internal storage. For phones that have SD card, it will be at /Android/data/com.yingwen.photographertools(pro)/hgt. No longer allow any folder which confused a lot of users.
New in Planit 9.8.2
Fixed -1 is shown on the cloud distance height input dialog
Added orientation sensor button back to the VR page but added a message to show people in case they clicked on it by accident. If user tries to adjust the viewfinder direction, we will stop the sensor automatically.
Polished the ephemeris page layout so that the labels will align properly for different font sizes
New in Planit 9.8.1
Added all markers option when saving marker file. This could be useful if you want don't want to zoom out the map to show all the markers but want to save all the markers. This is especially useful when you just want to add a marker to an existing marker file
Fixed strange painting artifact on the sun/moon track in the VR viewfinder
Show the ephemeris information as usual on the dark sky page
New in Planit 9.7.14
Redesigned the cloud distance overlay on the map
Fixed the errors in the relatively moon size on the event page and the moon calendar
Fixed large font issue on the tool's info window
Lunar eclipse, timelapse etc. a few more video tutorials are available on YouTube and in the app's help button
New in Planit 9.7.9
Fully integrated with the video tutorials, click on the help button in the lower left corner to see all the videos that are currently available. Although not many right now, more will come soon.
Copy and paste can be used to paste coordinates, which makes it easy to move multiple markers to the same position.
Add a button under Menu - About to check updates
Bug fixes
New in Planit 9.7.6
Fixed a couple of small bugs from the previous release, added localized strings for de, fr, it, es.
Introduce NPF rule to avoid star trail
Added sensor size in megapixels in the settings and diffraction limited aperture value
Added large prints options for the NPF rule, CoC rule and DoF calculation.
Fixed a bug in the twilights and special hours where the time doesn’t change green when the current time is in the range.
New in Planit 9.7.4
Fixed the weather page crashes for some European customers
New in Planit 9.6
Changed the place search algorithm
Switched to our own elevation server by default to avoid the blank viewfinder issue. It is recommended to get your own key for Bing elevation or Google elevation service for higher accuracy
Adjusted the settings screen to reflect recent changes
Fixed a bug in streetview where the horizon was drawn at a wrong location when the time slider is toggled
New in Planit 9.2
Updated the exposure page to use the spinning wheel control to select the values faster than before
Prompt to download offline elevation data when opening the VR viewfinder for the first time
Added labels to describe the meaning of some values on the ephemeris page
Other small bug fixes.
New in Planit 9.1
Added a marker will start editing
Fixed a bug that the buttons are not updated after deleting a marker
New in Planit 8.8
Added a brand new Cloud Distance page to predict nice sunsets or sunrises using a cloud map of your choice.
Added quick access buttons when press and hold on the map, tap the camera or the scene or a marker.
Shows Milky Way range in the time slider and Milky Way on the map for most Ephemeris pages.
Shows on the map the lines for Milky Way arch's left, right and center to help aligning with the ground subjects.
New in Planit 8.7
Fixed 3D viewfinder doesn't display correctly in some cases.
Shorten the labels on the info window for some languages so that it doesn't cover the 3D button.
Fixed some strings for Spanish and French. Thank you jsanzm!
New in Planit 8.6
Support the height above the ground feature for the marker
All travel category markers will support camera height as long as the camera pin is near the specified diameter of the marker
3D terrain will still use offline elevation even when the offline elevation switch is not on in the settings. In this case, the camera, scene and markers will still use the online elevation which is more accurate. Only the terrain will use offline elevation which is okay even if the accuracy is not as good.
New in Planit 8.5
Support 3D simulation in the VR viewfinder (offline elevation is required, Menu - User guides - Overview to see instructions)offline elevation overlay to show which area has offline elevation data (access from Settings)Major performance improvementSupport using our own server to access the online elevation data (can be changed from the Settings)Revised the moonrise/moonset displayRevised the save button under the Plan Button to do a quick save without prompting
New in Planit 8.4
Support more map types for Chinese customersFixed lunar eclipse center position is wrongSeveral bug fixes
New in Planit 8.3
Added tilted milky way eventsAdded lunar eclipse support (simulation with earth shadow and exposure)Show the moon shape in the actual rotation on the viewfinder, over the map and on ephemeris pagerFixed a bug that the hour value is not drawn on the Sun/Moon track on the viewfinder
New in Planit 8.2
Fixed a bug that tapping on Polaris doesn't show up the star selection pageSupport entering the angle of view when inputting the focal lengthAdd play button to the Sequence pageDraw Sun or Moon in elliptical shape because of the refractionFine tune the Sun and Moon trackAlways change the time when loading a picture which has time in EXIFIncreased the range to 600km to draw markers in viewfinder
New in Planit 8.1
Support entering the angle of view when inputting the focal lengthAdd play button to the Sequence pageDraw Sun or Moon in elliptical shape because of the refractionFine tune the Sun and Moon trackAlways change the time when loading a picture which has time in EXIFIncreased the range to 600km to draw markers in viewfinderSupport long press on the star name, meteor show name or milky way center to center the viewfinder at it
New in Planit 8.0
Changed the way the search area is defined in the Sun/Moon FinderAllow two-finger pinch to zoom in and out in the simulated viewfinderDo not show milky way on non-milky way pages if the show milky way setting is offAdded Baidu Map
New in Planit 7.9
Fixed the extended line is off a little bit on AMapOnly show the marker shadow on the Light and Shadow if they are buildingsFixed on the event page, the event time is wrong on the days when summer time starts or endsConverts the subject altitude in the kml, if defined, to the marker height
New in Planit 7.7
Improved the viewfinder performance when changing the time sliderAdded 1/2 grid line in the focal length tool as well as the viewfinderAdded extended distance line when the camera or scene pins are outside the mapAdded circle to indicate the marker width when the marker is selected
New in Planit 7.6
Misc bug fixes
New in Planit 7.5
Added multiple row panorama calculation and simulation
New in Planit 7.3
Fixed many bugsAdded support to release camera or scene pins when the pins are selectedAdded option to switch search engineAdded in-app purchase option back to the free version. Also added the support to restore the purchase if the phone doesn't support the new version of the inapp purchaseFixed regression in the mapboxReduced the usage of timezone request using networkFixed bug when changing the end time of the timelapse/sequence
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